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The draft electoral law submitted by János Lázár, leader of the governing party’s caucus, on 20 November can be described as a show of strength. On the majority of points the government has opted for the tougher options. It is not guaranteed, however, that Fidesz will be the party to benefit from all the changes.

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Knocking together a new electoral system, Fidesz-style

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The first round of Hungary’s elections on April 11 will fundamentally change the country’s political landscape. The political dividing line may shift radically: Instead of a left-right split, politicians of all ideological stripes may find themselves making a common stand against right-wing radicals. Hitherto unthinkable cooperation between the governing Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) and the right-wing opposition Fidesz party may start taking shape as soon as the first round is over.

The closer we get to election day, the more we will hear about Fidesz’s chances of winning a two-thirds majority in parliament.  Fidesz’s rivals will try to spook voters with the spectre of party leader Viktor Orbán getting carte blanche to amend the Constitution.