[ 9 Sep 2011 | Szerző: | ]

You can find our summary on the current Hungarian electoral system here.

[ 13 Jul 2011 | Szerző: | ]

At its July 9 meeting the Fidesz presidency discussed options for a new election system, although no decision has been reached on key issues. An announcement by MEP János Áder (assigned to coordinate the drafting of the election reform) exposes intense debate within Fidesz as the party is uncertain as to what system would best serve the party’s interests at the next general election. This explains the communication of mutually contradictory ideas and the repeated emphasis that none of the items under discussion reflect the governing party’s final position. This could come in August, the earliest, and a bill could be submitted to Parliament in the autumn parliamentary session.Read more

[ 11 Mar 2010 | Szerző: | ]

The first round of Hungary’s elections on April 11 will fundamentally change the country’s political landscape. The political dividing line may shift radically. The article was published in Budapest Times.

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[ 25 Jan 2010 | Szerző: | ]

The closer we get to election day, the more we will hear about Fidesz’s chances of winning a two-thirds majority in parliament.  Fidesz’s rivals will try to spook voters with the spectre of party leader Viktor Orbán getting carte blanche to amend the Constitution. The article was published in Budapest Times.